As you may already have noticed - I'm Vanessa, a wedding and elopement photographer based just outside of Atlanta, GA.
I love traveling, dogs, pizza and my husband, Chris - not necessarily in this order. An avid dreamer and always trying to be a better person. 
Photography is more than just my work - it's my art and my way to see the world. It's what makes me feel alive and capturing other people's memories makes me incredibly grateful for what I do, every single day. My photography isn't for the traditional folks - is for the ones seeking something different, is for the ones who value their memories being captured with authenticity and will keep them forever as their heirlooms to pass on generations. 
I seek the ones who love intensively - the ones that aren't afraid to show what they have & what they feel. I love connection, affection, rawness.
On your wedding day, I won't be there just to be your photographer - I WILL be there to be your friend, your dress fluffler and an extra hand, if you need.
I'll be there to photograph your day exactly how it is - honest and full of LOVE.


  • Married to my other half and best Second Shooter ever - Chris! <3
  • Chris and I have around 117 hours worth of tattoos - he has more.
  • We watch a lot of horror movies - and movies in general.
  • We are dog parents to the most adorable and sweet pup - Phoebe. 
  • I was born and raised in a big metropolitan city in Brazil.
  • Trying to be funny since 1992.
  • Tea, candles and plants lover.
  • Lipstick crazy lady - if that's a thing at all.
  • My favorite show is Friends - followed by Stranger Things and Breaking Bad.
  • I'm fluent in Portuguese, English and Sarcasm.
  • I absolutely love traveling to new places as much as I love the comfort of my own home - it's tough.
  • My personality type is INFJ, which basically means I'm an introvert who loves to be around people and I'm always trying help others.
  • I will teach you to say "Paralelepipedo" - and won't tell you what it means. 


I would love to get to know you too!