It takes months, tears and lots of arrangements to plan your perfect wedding day -  all the thought and details behind everything. The location, the flowers, the cake, your family & guests. All of this deserves to be captured with love.

Although wedding photography isn't a cheap investment to do, I guarantee you that if you make the right choice & you're willing to invest in the right photographer you will never regret. It's important to find a photographer that you click with, that you not just like the style but the personality too so you can feel comfortable and do not worry! Remember that at the end of your wedding day, the only thing that will last is your wedding photos!


+ from intimate coverage to full day coverage
+ one or two photographers
+ online gallery & printing rights
+ travel fees may apply if location is up to 60 miles from Marietta, GA
+ option to add hours, engagement sessions and purchase albums + prints

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? Are you available to travel?
I'm based in Atlanta - GA but I absolutely travel anywhere in the globe!
I love traveling! :) Every travel quote is customized to every client, so just email and we can talk about all details! :)

How long till I receive my photos?
Since editing photos is the most time consuming part & it's my absolutely favorite - I want to make sure every photos is perfect and in sync with each other, so it takes between 4-6 weeks for engagement sessions and 6-8 weeks for full weddings! But don't worry, I will send you a sneak peek within a couple days!!! :)

How many photos we will receive?
You will receive an average of 600-800 photos for an 8 hour coverage wedding and for engagements sessions 60+ photos!


What equipment do you use? Do you have a back up?
My second shooter and I use professional Nikon equipment and several Nikon and Sigma prime lenses! We do have a back up! :)

How many of these photos will be edited?
ALL OF THEM!!! Like I mentioned before, this is my favorite part and where I get to be creative so all of your photos will be edited with the style you see on my portfolio + blog + instagram + everywhere! :)

How do we book???
We can either have a phone call or meet in person. I don't require us meeting before hand so it's really up to you! :) 
After that - a signed contract and a retainer fee of 30% your total package will be required and then, tah-dah, your date is booked!!! We will definetely keep contact so we can make arrangements for engagement session, timeline & etc!!! :)