SEO Tips For Wedding Photographers: Take Control Of Your Google Rankings!

As a wedding photographer there is so much focus on getting the perfect images, interacting on Instagram, and keeping your Facebook updated. Its easy to forget about your website SEO and Google Rankings. One of the first places people go when researching their wedding is Google, so why not harness that power?! 



Before we start, A little bit about me

I have seen dozens of questions being asked about SEO in a bunch of different Facebook groups lately so I figured I would share my knowledge on this with all of you! I have worked in IT since 2007 and have been a wedding photographer for the past two years. I have learned that the needs and issues that arise on a photographers website are very different than your average website. Nothing can be easy, right? Having a background in IT helped, but most of what I know took many hours of trial and error. I’ll save you that hassle and show you what I have found works!


So -- first leg of this journey -- Let's chat about about getting your pages seen by Google!


Set up Google Analytics (15 min)

If you don't already have this set up, stop what you are doing NOW and get your analytics set up!! Seriously, its super easy, it’s free, it only takes 15 minutes to set up, and it's the first step in taking control of your Google rankings.

First, start by enabling Google Analytics on your website. This will allow Google to start tracking what search terms were used to bring people to your site, how long they stayed on pages, what pages they clicked on and tons of other useful info. You will really want to know this info when you start targeting keywords for your Google rankings which I will cover in a later blog post!  Click here to go to Google Analytics

Register your account and copy down your tracking code!

Enter your tracking code into the appropriate location on your website. On Squarespace this is under Settings>Advanced>External Services

google analytics in squarespace.png

If you are using a different website host it will be a little different. Just give it a quick Google search for where to enter that code on your page!

That's it for this step! Pretty easy right?!



Keep Your Website Up-To-Date On Google (1 hr)

Search engines can take a while to update changes you have made to your website. Google has another free tool to manage your Google search presence -- Search Console. Whenever you make major changes to your website, you can request that Google re-indexes your site. Now Google Search Console might seem a little intense, but once you have it all set up you will be blown away by the control you will have over your website in Google and you will be able to see how Google sees your website. 

Here’s the link to sign up for Google Search Console

wedding photographer SEO tips.png



Verify Your Website in Search Console (15 min)

Ok, so now you have seen what search console looks like, now we need tell Google that you own your website. The verification process is simple and gives you the ability to verify easily if you already have Google Analytics configured on your site. Once your site is verified, you can tell Google your preferred domain (http:// or https://) to prevent Google from indexing your website multiple times! 

Add a website property In Search Console


seo for photographers

And here's a great article on setting up Search Console with a Squarespace site!



Pick A URL And Stick With It

Most people don't realize that Google sees your website as multiple different sites.


Are ALL different to Google. The biggest time this comes into play is with backlinks. Its great that you have been published in dozens of wedding blogs but does the URL they used match the one Google sees? If it doesn’t then those backlinks could now be useless to you. This is a HUGE thing to consider if you ever plan on rebranding or changing your website address!!

groomsmen posing.jpg


That's All for now!

Thanks for sticking it out and I hope some of this will help you get your website where you want it to be! Once you're up and running, it’s easy to integrate some website SEO into your weekly routine! These are just the first steps for managing your website SEO, so stick around, I have plenty of stuff I can share with all of you on SEO, blogging, and technology – most of these will need Analytics and Search Console already set up! 

If there’s something you want to learn about or if you have any questions just leave a comment below!!

Chris Reynolds