I should let you know before you start filling this that you CAN'T save this form! Sorry, I know it's a bummer but I advise you to gather aaaall the information you need and then came back here later to fill all at once! Once I got it, I'll print it out and file with your other information.
If anything changes, please email me with ALL the new info! :)

Bride/Groom's Name 1 *
Bride/Groom's Name 1
Bride/Groom's 1 Phone Number *
Bride/Groom's 1 Phone Number
Bride/Groom's 2 Name *
Bride/Groom's 2 Name
Bride/Groom's 2 Number *
Bride/Groom's 2 Number
i.e: Jane - maid of honor, Lauren - bridesmaid, John - best man, Chris - groomsmen
i.e: wedding planner, mom(s), maid of honor, best man...
Additional Contact Phone Number *
Additional Contact Phone Number
i.e: 2pm - 10pm.
please, list both parties and other details I should know :)
Will you be doing a first look? *
i.e: 15 minutes
i.e: rice toss, petals, bubbles, sparkles...
This is for me to not embarrass anyone while posing the family photos and casual talks. Let me know if divorced parents/grandparents are okay with being in photos together!
- If not, let me know ahead so that we can plan accordingly :) - If yes, let you caterer/wedding planner know that it is recommended that they serve us dinner at the same time as everybody else, so we don't miss anything important!
Either copy & paste your timeline or write down roughly how it would be. This one is super important to plan your day perfectly and have time to all photos your want and also enjoy! Let me know if you need any help creating this! :)
i.e: one photo of just you and your grandmother, or the special handmade veil you got, or the groomsmen socks... don't worry, I will absolutely try my best to capture every single detail, but as the day goes and runs by fast, this list makes things a little easier!
i.e: Group 1 - Bride, Groom, Bride's mom - Jane, Bride's dad - John, Bride's Grandmother - Susan, Bride's Grandfather George.
i.e: florist, makeup & hair, caterer, wedding attire, rings, planner, dj/band, rentals, or anything else you've paid money to make this wedding happen. this list is so I can credit them in a blog post later!
If not, just say you're all set and I'll let you rest now...