Boston Wedding Photographers

I must say - welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m glad you’re here! Well, you must already know buy hey, I'm Vanessa, a wedding and elopement photographer based in Massachusetts but shooting weddings all over New England and also the world. Yes, I travel for work and would go anywhere in a heartbeat, eek! I'm an avid dreamer and always trying to be a better person. I love dogs, cheese pizza, traveling to new places and my husband, Chris - not necessarily in this order.
Photography is more than just my work - it's my art and my way to see the world. It's my happy place and where my creativity flies away.  It's been a long journey since I started back in 2010 but I'm extremely happy to be where I am now; documenting couple’s best day ever along my husband, Chris, who is my second photographer and partner of everything btw.

My photography isn't for the super traditional folks - is for the ones seeking something different, is for the ones willing to be themselves, to show me some quirky dance moves and maybe even rap with Chris. We are all about some real connection, not so into posing too much. On your wedding day, we won't be there just to be your photographer - WE WILL be there to be your friend, to fluff your dress and be there as an extra hand if you need! We don't care if you have the fanciest or the trendiest of the weddings, a long or a short ceremony, the most beautiful flowers, who you are in love with or what your religion is. We just care that you love each other and don't fear showing it! We are going to be there to photograph your day exactly how it is - honest and full of LOVE.

WANna KNOW MORE ABOUT me and us?

  • Married to my best friend and best second shooter ever - Chris!

  • We both have around 117 hours worth of tattoos - well, he has more.

  • Proud dog parents to the most adorable sweet face - Phoebe. She’s a rescue!

  • We both LOVE animals - dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, anything that breathes.

  • We watch a lot of horror movies - and movies in general.

  • I was born and raised in a big metropolitan city in Brazil.

  • Trying to be funny since 1992.

  • Tea, candles and plants lover.

  • Lipstick crazy lady - if that's a thing at all.

  • My favorite show is Friends - followed by Stranger Things.

  • Which makes me want tell you that we both have Stranger Things tattoos.

  • I'm fluent in Portuguese, English and Sarcasm.

  • I’m a homebody that really like to explore and travel to new places, it’s a weird mix.

  • My personality type is INFJ – which basically means I'm an introvert who loves people.

  • I will teach you to say "Paralelepipedo" but won't tell you what it means.


I would love to get to know you too!